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About Us

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Welcome to SKERTT, a distinguished emporium dedicated to illuminating the world of digital artistry through our curated collection of Lightroom presets and video LUTs. Nestled at the intersection of innovation and creativity, SKERTT stands as a beacon for photographers and videographers seeking to transform their visual narratives with precision-crafted tools. Our store embodies a commitment to quality, diversity, and user-friendly experiences, ensuring that every artist finds the perfect illumination for their unique vision.

SKERTT Mission Statement

At SKERTT, our mission is to empower creators and visionaries by providing them with the tools they need to illuminate their artistic expressions. We believe in the transformative power of visual storytelling and are committed to curating a diverse and high-quality collection of Lightroom presets and video LUTs that inspire creativity, elevate narratives, and redefine the possibilities within the digital arts.

Inspiration and Innovation

We strive to be a constant source of inspiration for artists, fostering an environment where innovation flourishes. Through our thoughtfully crafted presets and LUTs, we aim to ignite the creative spark that propels visual storytellers to new heights.

Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize the satisfaction of our customers above all else. Our dedicated support team is committed to providing responsive and caring assistance, ensuring that every customer feels supported and valued throughout their SKERTT journey.

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Behind Skertt?

Hello, I’m Samir Jammal, a professional photographer who developed a passion for crafting Lightroom presets. Every preset featured on Skertt is a result of my meticulous attention to detail and a love for the art of photography.

As a perfectionist, I ensure that each preset pack receives the utmost care, deserving of your valuable photos. Over time, I’ve created an extensive collection of presets, with each one contributing to the refinement of the next. Through my experience, I’ve gained insights into the colors that work best, achieving results that will make your Instagram photos truly attention-grabbing.

Explore a variety of styles among the numerous Skertt available and infuse your photos with your unique personal touch. Let’s collaborate to create a visually stunning aesthetic that captivates and resonates with your style!